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New GT Initiative Focuses on Adding Younger Members

September 29, 2023

At GT’s Annual Meeting on September 28, members approved a Board proposal to establish a new Giving Together membership category for women under 45. The proposal resulted from feedback from our recent Member Survey (a very successful undertaking, with a 72% participation rate), which urged GT to consider diversifying our membership as to age, race and ethnicity.

The GT Board has periodically discussed ways to attract the next generation of local philanthropists to Giving Together. The survey response was a call to action and prompted the Board to create the new category and request membership approval. Now, women under 45 can be full members of GT by paying only $500 a year plus the $75 administrative fee. When they age out of the category, they will graduate to the standard member rate of $1,000 a year, plus the administrative fee.

An informal survey of other giving circles across the county reveals that several have instituted similar programs, although the age cut off and contribution levels vary.

Promoting greater diversity within GT is essential. That means we must do more to attract new members who fit a broader range of profiles. Clearly, recruiting younger members is a top priority. GT’s future sustainability depends on it. We also need to do more to recruit from the rich talent pool of local women of color, so that GT reflects our entire community. We are committed to doing both and plan to be more aggressive in trying to reach a broader range of prospective members. The new initiative for younger members is only the first step.

Daughters, nieces and younger friends of current GT members would be welcome additions to our ranks. Members who have a prospective younger member in their lives and would like more information can contact GT Membership Co-Chairs Paula Norwood ( or Sheryl Donaldson (

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