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GT Leadership

“In 2009, I took the first step to make a dream of mine come true, founding a group to help local women and children in need. Bringing like-minded women together and leveraging our charitable donations allows us to make a bigger bang for our charitable ‘buck’. Thanks to the combined efforts of our seven founding members, we started an important and very rewarding endeavor. We hope this is just the beginning.” 

— Paula Norwood, Founding President

Board Members

Renee Licht_edited_edited.jpg

Renee Licht

Co-Chair, Accelerator Grants &
 Racial Equity Working Group

Susan Alberts.jpg

Susan Alberts

Recording Secretary;
Co-Chair, Grants

Wendy Yaross.jpg

Wendy Yaross


Co-Chair, Accelerator Grants

Harriett Shugerman.jpg

Harriet Shugerman

Co-Chair, Community Service

Carolyn Miller.jpg

Carolyn Miller



Ester Kurz Scheibel

Co-Chair, Education/Social

Sheryl Donaldson_edited.jpg

Sheryl Donaldson

Corresponding Secretary;
Co-Chair, Membership

Presidents Emeritae

Paula Norwood.jpg

Paula Norwood

Co-Chair, Membership

Cheryl Baird.jpg

Cheryl Baird

Karen Gilgoff.jpg

Karen Gilgoff

Chair, Communications

Committee Chairs

Pam Feinstein_edited.jpg

Pam Feinstein

Co-Chair, Community Service


Heather Kaye

Co-Chair, Education/Social

Christine Kessides.jpg

Christine Kessides

Co-Chair, Grants


Nedra Weinstein

Co-Chair, Education/Social

CharlaRath Hi Res_edited.jpg

Charla Rath

Co-Chair, Racial Equity Working Group

Lisa Shofnos.jpg

Lisa Shofnos


Nancy Ebb

Nancy Ebb

Co-Chair, Accelerator Grants

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