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Who We Are


Giving Together (GT) is a giving circle – individuals pooling resources to help fund non-profit organizations. GT member contributions fund substantial grants to local organizations serving low-income women and families in the Washington, DC, area. Each year, our members select grantees through a rigorous multi-step process of proposal submission, review, and membership vote.

GT is also a volunteer network of members and friends, organizing hands-on volunteer activities in DC-area service organizations, shelters and schools. Membership is not required for volunteer service.

Additionally, Giving Together’s Emergency Fund contributes to the Community Foundation of Montgomery County’s Neighbors-in-Need program which distributes small grants to community organizations serving individuals and families with emergency needs.

What We Do

GT INVESTS in our community. Through our grantee organizations, GT helps people struggling with life’s challenges by funding shelter, education, legal services, health care, nutrition, and other urgent needs.


GT INVOLVES our members in shared decision-making about grant allocation.


GT EMPOWERS struggling women and families to make their lives better by funding organizations that provide assistance and new opportunities for those in need.

GT RAISES community awareness of local needs and encourages the importance of community responsibility and action through volunteerism and effective philanthropy.

GT BUILDS a network that is a catalyst for positive change!

Karen G, Jodie Fine, Nancy Alexander, Cl

Why It Matters

There are many worthwhile organizations serving our community. Every year, GT’s goal is to find the ones that will benefit most from our helping hand. Through our grant-making and volunteer service, we try to give our grantees’ clients the tools they need to cope with difficult challenges, so they can focus on a brighter future.

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