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GT Forms Racial Equity Working Group

Giving Together has established a Racial Equity Working Group (REWG), with nearly one-quarter of our members volunteering to participate. This is the first step we are taking to implement a new mission statement goal—advancing racial equity and social justice—which our members adopted unanimously at the 2020 Annual Meeting in late September.

GT was established to help women and families in need, many of whom are people of color. Everything we have done since our founding has been to help these individuals overcome roadblocks in housing, education, job opportunities, food access and healthcare.

Societal racism remains pervasive. People of color, especially African Americans, are victimized by discrimination and face built-in disadvantages not faced by whites. That was made clear by the repeated police brutality against African Americans witnessed this year by a horrified nation. Those events, as well as the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on communities of color, highlight the fact that we must do much more to promote a just and equitable society.

As a giving circle, we must use our voice and resources to stand with those seeking racial equity and social justice. By amending our mission statement and establishing the REWG, we are expressing our commitment to these ideals. But we must do more than talk about our commitment—we must also take action.

To decide what steps to take, we will review our structure and programs to ensure that we are a better lever for change in our community. The REWG is holding periodic meetings to discuss the challenges we face. We anticipate making recommendations to GT’s members in the near future.

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