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MLK Day Project 2022

January 17, 2022

While we had hoped to be able to volunteer at Grantee sites in person for MLK Day this year, we knew this wasn't possible. So we decided to confront COVID head on and with support from our Leadership Team and GT members we were able to buy PPE supplies in bulk to distribute to our grantees. We found a vendor and placed a bulk order for 1500 KN95 masks, 2000 surgical masks, 1000 kids masks and 500 hand sanitizers. Once the supplies arrived, Harriet started counting and packing and kept counting and packing until everything was ready to go. The Liaisons picked up their bags of PPE supplies and delivered them to the 15 grantees who had requested them.

We know that our grantees truly appreciate our ongoing support. Here are direct quotes from a few of them:

We Are Family - Mark & Tulin

"Thanks so much Harriet, your donations will be so helpful for our seniors....we will be putting them to use immediately! Again THANK You and all of Giving Together."

John H Bayne ES , Erica Bennett, Principal

"OMG, my heart is totally overwhelmed. Thank You! "

Virginia Walker, our liaisons with the school added:

"GT is a miracle worker! Thank You."

George Thomas/ Saturday School - Cynthia Anderson,

"Awesome!!! Everything is greatly appreciated!!!In the world we are in now nothing is too small. We can't thank you enough."

Interfaith Works - Allentena Bernard

"Thank you for your thoughtful donation of PPE during this much-needed time. We are truly honored to be one of your grantees. Please convey our gratitude to the members at Giving Together."


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