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GT Volunteers Sort Clothes at Interfaith Works

On October 13, 2021, GT members volunteered to fold clothes and household linens at the Interfaith Works Clothing Center in Rockville. We re-stocked the "store" racks with men's, women's and children's clothing and filled the center's linen shelves with newly donated sheets and bedding. When we first arrived for a brief training session at Interfaith Works -- a GT grantee organization -- the bags of donated clothes were piled to the ceiling. We were pleased to pitch-in and help our grantee get these valuable donations sorted and ready for Montgomery County families to make their selections.

After more than a year of collecting funds, food and supplies for the needy in our community, it was exhilarating to gather for GT's first in-person community-service project since the start of the pandemic. Many thanks to our merry band of volunteer workers -- a great group of GT women!


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