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Our Mission Statement

The Mission of Giving Together is to collectively pool our members’ resources and raise funds for and provide services to persons in need in the metropolitan D.C. area, particularly women and families. This will be accomplished by funding services that include, but are not limited to, housing, health services, legal assistance, workforce development, education and social supports.

Goals include:

(a) Helping to empower and strengthen women and families in need by
     contributing time, talents and monetary resources:  

  • Funding organizations and programs that improve the lives of women and families in need;

  • Establishing an ongoing fund to aid women and families experiencing a short-term financial crisis; and

  • Encouraging and providing opportunities for members to participate in service projects that further the mission of GT.


(b) Engaging in fundraising activities supported by the membership;


(c) Advancing racial equity and social justice;

(d) Educating and increasing awareness of local needs;

(e) Encouraging community among ourselves and those we serve;


(f) Promoting volunteerism and effective philanthropy; and

(g) Building a network that is a catalyst for positive change.

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