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Monthly News and Updates

January 30, 2022

Dear GT Members, 

As January draws to a close, Harriet and I would like to thank all of you and our Leadership Team who helped make this year's MLK Project possible. While we had hoped to be able to volunteer at Grantee sites in person for MLK Day this year, we knew this wasn't possible.  So we decided to confront COVID head on and ordered PPE supplies for our grantees.  We found a vendor,  Benny, at BKG Media Net and placed a bulk order for 1500 KN95 masks, 2000 surgical masks, 1000 kids masks and 500 hand sanitizers.  Once the supplies arrived, Harriet started counting and packing and kept counting and packing until everything was ready to go.   The Liaisons picked up their bags of PPE supplies and delivered them to the 15 grantees who had requested them.  


All of the grantees truly appreciate our ongoing support. Thought we'd share a few direct quotes that we received -

We Are Family  - Mark & Tulin 
Thanks so much Harriet, your donations will be so helpful for our seniors....we will be putting them to use immediately!  Again THANK You and all of Giving Together...

John H Bayne ES , Erica Bennett, Principal
OMG, my heart is totally overwhelmed.  Thank You! 
Virginia Walker, our liaisons with the school added
GT is a miracle worker!  Thank You.

George Thomas/ Saturday School  - Cynthia Anderson, 
Awesome!!! Everything is greatly appreciated!!!In the world we are in now nothing is too small.  We can't thank you enough


We're going to be taking some time in Feb to plan for the coming months.  We hope to identify a number of different ways for our members to help individually, in small groups and maybe even bigger groups as COVID eases.  Watch for updates coming out soon.  If any of you are really anxious to get connected to one of our grantee organizations please let us know and we'll help make it happen.   You can also click HERE to read more about all of our Grantees and their volunteer needs.  


Stay warm, safe and well.  


Pam & Harriet

GT Community Service Co-Chairs

This is Harriet counting and packing up the supplies......

MLK Day-BayneSchool-Harriet-lightened.jpg

Renee delivered the following to John Bayne ES. She added a few containers of disinfectant wipes that were also on their wish list! 


Pam delivered the following supplies to Bernadette at George Thomas /Sat School  They requested the supplies for the 30 AmeriCorp Students who are working with them this semester!


February 24, 2021


Dear GT Members & Volunteers, 

We hope you and your family and friends are staying safe and well.   As we all wait to return to the "new normal" we have put together a list of safe ways to help our grantees.  


While we aren't planning any group events this month or next, we are encouraging all of you to look at the following list of ways you can help.  Please pick one or more things that you'd like to do on your own or with your family or close friends.    The grantees have been hard at work throughout the pandemic and while we've been able to collect things and to provide some financial support there are still many more ways that we can help.  We know that they truly appreciate our support because they tell us this when we check in with them on a regular basis.  

We decided to organize opportunities this time by category.  You'll see a list of  grantees under each category who can use this type of help. At the end of the list we've included a link to our website where you can read more about a particular opportunity:


Zoom sessions  - mentoring, teaching, networking

A Wider Circle

Career Catchers

CASA  (especially Spanish Speakers) 

Sasha Bruce


Onsite Volunteering -  always wearing masks, social distancing, etc. 

A Wider Circle

Food for Others 


Nourish Now 


Deliveries  - picking up items at grantees to deliver to clients (safely) 

A Wider Circle



Donating Gently Used or New Items  - supplies, food, computers, gift cards, 

A Wider Circle, 

Aspire Counseling Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies 

Computer Core 

DC Volunteer Lawyers Project

Food for Others 

George B. Thomas Saturday School

Healthy Babies 



Mercy Health Clinic

Nourish Now 

Sasha Bruce

We are Family


Other Category  -   

Sasha Bruce  - Birthday cakes, Notes of encouragement

We are Family - Calls to Seniors


Once you decide how you'd like to help this month click HERE to read more about the grantee opportunities and how to sign up to volunteer.  It also includes the contact information for the GT Liaison.  Please contact me, Harriet or the appropriate Liaison if you have questions.     


I'd also like to share videos that we've received recently about the great work that 2 of our Grantee partners are doing in our community. 


We Are Family


Food for Others


If you'd like to help but can't find anything on this list that interests you please let us know.  Thanks again for being an active member of Giving Together.  


Stay safe and be well.  


Pam & Harriet

GT Community Service Co-Chairs

January 11, 2021


Dear GT Members & Volunteers, 

In a normal year we would be reaching out to ask all of you to sign up to join us on MLK Day ( 1.18)  for some sort of in person community service project.  Of course this year is anything but normal, so we've had to get creative.  


While our grantee partners aren't hosting special events this year they do still have many ongoing needs so we encourage you to click on  GT Volunteer Activities to read about our grantees and to find a way to "do something" for one or more of them on MLK Day.  We've also included links to a few other groups below who have lists of additional volunteer opportunities (virtual and in person) that you might want to consider doing with your family that day. It can be as simple as signing up to receive one of our grantees' newsletters, dropping off food at a shelter, picking an activity from one of the lists below, signing up to help with a project later in the month, etc.  


While we were working on this email,  Harriet and I connected with the  Presidential Inaugural Committee .  They are also reaching out and encouraging all of us to do something.  The big news is that we're going to be getting over 4000 masks from them that we will be able to distribute to our grantee partners.  We are still working out the logistics for this but we know we  will need help getting the masks to the grantee sites  - ideally on MLK Day /Weekend.  Let us know if you'd like to help with this pick up and delivery activity. 


Here are other links to activities to consider and we hope that everyone will take a minute to click on the first link under the Presidential Inaugural Committee and sign the pledge to "do something" .


Presidential Inaugural Committee  (Non partisan) 

Join the National Day of Service on January 18, 2021 ( - sign the pledge 


Presidential Inaugural Committee Events · Mobilize - lists variety of local events



MLK Service / Edlavitch DCJCC 

MLK Day of Service | Edlavitch Jewish Community Center of Washington, DC (


Montgomery County Volunteer Center

MLK Day - For Volunteers - Montgomery County Volunteer Center (


Please let us know about the  SOMETHING you decide to DO!  We'd love to share a list of things that our members and volunteers accomplished over MLK weekend this year.   We're hoping for 100% participation. If you have questions or have problems with any of the links please let me know.  


We hope that all of you are staying safe and well. Thank you all for all of the great work you do for Giving Together and for our community. Also feel free to share this email with your friends and families.  Everyone can always "do something".  


All the best in 2021!

GT Community Service Co-Chairs- Pam Feinstein and Harriet Shugerman

Pam ( / 301-332-7859

Harriet ( / 301-229-4088 

November 24, 2020


Dear GT Members & Volunteers, 

In the spirit of Thanksgiving we’re writing today to let all of you know how truly thankful we are for everything each and everyone one of you has done to support our grantees and the work they are doing in our community during these exceptional times. 


Earlier this month GT replaced our usual end-of-year fundraising effort with “A Different Season of Giving” to support our grantees who address Hunger Relief in our community.   The response exceeded our expectations and together we raised the extraordinary amount of $10,000.   That amount will be distributed to 4 of our grantees - Crossroads Community Food Network, Food for Others, Nourish Now and We Are Family.   We can’t thank you enough for your wonderfully generous support as we respond to the urgent need for food in our community.    

Because of that effort, GT is not coordinating any Holiday group activities or gift collections for our grantees, but we know that some of you might still want to help in some way with your family and friends


Here are a few things to consider for our grantees “if” you are looking for ways to do even more for the Holidays.  


A Wider Circle – Toy Drive & Sponsor a Family


Toy Drive for Kids - newborn – 17y – new, unwrapped gifts or gift cards - through Amazon – or drop off to A Wider Circle (9259 Brookville Rd, Silver Spring) by Dec 12.

Sponsor a Family - contact – drop off by Dec 18 

Questions? Email or Kim - 


Aspire - Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies – Donate Clothes, Books, Toys


Aspire is collecting a number of things to give out to their clients over the holidays including:  

            - Hats and mittens/gloves (child and adult) new and gently used)

- Board Books (English &/or Spanish) ex:  Good Night Moon, Pat the Bunny. 

- Children's Toys - infants, toddlers, preschool and Elementary School age

- Infant and Toddler Clothes (new and gently used)

Drop items:  Nancy Ebb - Front Desk, 7171 Woodmont Ave, # 601, Bethesda by Dec. 20

Questions:   Contact Nancy Ebb - 301-538-1624 


Career Catchers – Gift Cards  


Is requesting gift cards (Giant, Safeway, Target) to give out to their clients over the holidays. Drop off

Mail or drop off to Marianna McNeill, 8921 Montgomery Ave, CC, MD 20815 by Dec 18

Questions:  Email Pam -


CASA /National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals -  Coat Drive 


If you have winter coats, hats, gloves or scarves you’d like to donate you can drop them off to Leah Steinberg’s house (6905 Sulky Lane, Rockville, MD) no later than Nov 29.   Or at the alternate collection site - Allstate Insurance- 3720 Farragut Ave- Ste 100 Kensington, 20895

Questions:  Contact Leah - / 301-675-2407


Interfaith Works-  Gift Cards


Requesting gift cards from Kohls, Target, Giant or Safeway 

Questions:  Email Gail - or Suzanne Lofhjelm at IW-


Sasha Bruce Youthworks – Adopt-A-Home Holiday Program & Write Holiday Cards


Will provide wish lists for sponsors to help provide holiday cheer to the youth they serve - to sign up contact / 443-370-1248. 

If you’d like to help write personalized notes in Holiday Cards that will be included with the gifts that will be collected and distributed to the clients at their various sites.  Please note – Pam will be preparing 75 cards for them by Dec. 14. If you'd like to help she’ll buy the cards and drop them off at your house and pick them up when they are ready.

Questions: Contact Pam - , 301-332-7859


Meet Grantees Ongoing Needs 


In addition to the holiday needs listed above all of our grantees continue to collect and need a variety of things like gift cards, cleaning supplies, nonperishable food, computers, etc.   Many of them also need online help with job searches, computer classes, etc.  You can read more about this on our website ( or by going directly to the grantees’ websites. 


Giving Tuesday, December 1  


Many of our Grantees will be participating in Giving Tuesday this year.  You can check their websites or If you have signed up for their updates you may receive a message directly from them.   If it’s a group you’d like to support, this is a good day to help.  Also be on the lookout for opportunities to help with year-end matches.


If you have any questions about the above information please email or call one of us anytime.  If you’d like to buy or collect something for one of the programs but aren’t able to do the drop off yourself please let us know and we’ll help with the logistics.


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Holiday season.  Be safe and well.  


GT Community Service Co-Chairs- Pam Feinstein and Harriet Shugerman

Pam ( / 301-332-7859

Harriet ( / 301-229-4088 

October 12, 2020

Dear GT Members & Volunteers -


We hope that you and your family are staying safe and well.  With the help of our Liaisons we’ve been staying in touch with all of our grantees as they continue to provide services in new and different ways in these ever changing times.

Since we’re still in the midst of the pandemic we’ve identified a number of ways that we can all help that are from a distance or covid-safe – wearing masks, social distancing, etc.  Harriet and I are always available to answer your questions and to help connect you with our Grantee Liaisons or with the key person at one of our grantees.  Also, if you have items that you’d like to donate and are not able to deliver them yourself please let us know and we’ll make arrangements to have them picked up and delivered.


The list below is a sampling of the ways you (and your family and friends) can help.  You can also click HERE to read more about all of our grantees and their needs that we update regularly. We also encourage you to go to our grantees websites and to sign up fo receive their listserves and updates directly.  


A Wider Circle – DELIVER: Fresh Produce to clients in SE, DC (sign up HERE)  ZOOM: mentoring, coaching; DONATE: Gently used professional clothing, kitchen supplies, furniture, etc.


Aspire/ Healthy Babies – DONATE: diapers, baby wipes, general hygiene items, infant and small size clothing for children.


Career Catchers – ZOOM: Help teach classes for their Job Club and Empowerment "Workshops" to help clients with Job prep, networking, Test prep (GED, TES, etc.)


CASA – ZOOM: teach Citizenship classes, etc., prepare for tests, job applications.  If you can speak Spanish that’s a plus.


Computer Core –DONATE: gently used laptops; ZOOM:  Help clients learn various computer and office skills.


Crossroads Community Food Network – ONSITE OUTDOOR OPPORTUNITY (Takoma Park): Box up food that others will deliver to Senior Facilities - Wed Mornings - 9:30-10:30 am - outdoors in tents. 


DCVLP – DONATE:  gently used ipads, lap desks, actual desks, noise blocking earphones, graphing calculators, toiletries, non perishable grocery items


Food for OthersONSITE & DELIVERIES (Fairfax): help organize snack packs for students and/or deliver to distribution sites - must wear masks and maintain social distancing


George B Thomas / Sat SchoolDONATE: Chrome Books (gently used) for students


Healthy BabiesDONATE: pots and pan sets, kitchen utensils, oven mitts, sheets and comforters for twin beds, towels, wash cloths, clothing for Moms and infants


Interfaith WorksDONATE clothes, personal care and small household items; PROVIDE: Bagged lunches,  meals or snacks for the womens' center or older women residences. (approx 8-10 residents) 

Nourish Now –ONSITE FOOD SORT (Rockville): help sort and organize groceries – must follow guidelines - wear masks and maintain social distance


Sasha Bruce - BAKE & DELIVER:  A Birthday cake and card to a client who is celebrating their Birthday - near yours or anytime you feel like baking a cake.  DONATE: Essentials – t shirts, socks, toiletries, ZOOM: tutoring and mentoring


We are Family –PHONE CALLS:  make calls from home to seniors who are isolated during this time


Another great way to get involved and to get to know more about an organization is to sign up to be a Liaison.   Email us or click HERE if you’d like to know more about this role.  We also always encourage you to go to the Giving Together website - to learn more about the great grantees we’ve supported over the years.   


Thanks to all of you for your ongoing support. 

Stay safe and well.


Questions?   Contact Community Service Co-Chairs:

Pam Feinstein 

Harriet Shugerman

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